As the demand for colour increases with our clients, so does the need for new techniques.

So we decided to give our colour menu a bit of a makeover.

We hope to keep you up to date with all the latest colour trends, techniques and of course the right terminology so you know what you are getting!

So here is a list of all the techniques on our menu with a quick explanation and a few pics thrown in for good measure.

Permanent Colour:

Designed for long lasting results (dependent on condition of hair and quality of aftercare products used) from fashion colours to grey hair coverage.

Will remain in the hair until it grows out.

Semi-Permanent Colour:

A softer, more natural type of colour which generally doesn’t last as long as permanent colour.

Results are often less vibrant and grey hair coverage is reduced.

Semi-permanent is a great introduction to colour.


Balayage is a freehand colour technique which gives a soft sun kissed look with less noticeable regrowth lines.


Ombre is also a freehand technique where a darker shade on the roots and mid lengths of the hair fades into a lighter shade on the ends.

These are very popular techniques due to their low maintenance and flexibility.



Bleach and Tone:

This technique involves lifting the hair colour to a very light shade (dependent on result required) and then toning with another colour to create the desired shade.

This technique is also used for to create  pastel colours and vivid colours, for example grey’s and super bright fashion colours.

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This is a slightly more traditional way adding colour to the hair without the commitment of full head colouring.

This process is usually done using foil and can be used to either add light (or dark) colour to the hair.


Majibond colour treatment:

The condition of your hair can make a huge difference to the end result and longevity of any colour service.

We strongly recommend Majibond colour treatment with any colour service to help strengthen and condition your hair.

The treatment is simply added to your colour before application to ensure a longer lasting, even result.


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