Anyone who’s ever had coloured blonde hair has probably been through the dreaded brassy stage before. Today we’re going to talk about the best ways to prevent and fix this.

First of all, it helps to know why we get yellow/orange tinges in our hair when colouring. Whenever hair is lightened whether that’s with balayage, highlights or bleaching hair we must lift past your different colour undertones. If you have dark hair that goes red, orange, yellow and then finally you would get a pale blonde. The problem is the further you lift the more chance you have of damaging your hair and it is actually very hard to achieve pale blonde in one appointment especially when you have dark hair.

Now let’s talk about how to keep those yellow tinges away for as long as possible. It is very important you are using the right products especially shampoo and conditioner. Any supermarket shampoos are likely to strip colour from your hair which then causes brassiness. A great shampoo and conditioner to use for blondes is a silver one such as the matrix so silver shampoo.

The other thing you need to keep on top of is toners. These can be done in a salon and at home. A toner is a semi-permanent colour that can brighten and ash out your current colour. Our colours retail at £10 for a pot of take home product. Please speak to your stylist who can create a custom colour for you.

  • Hana

    Brassy hair is something the top scientists in the world should look for a cure to stop for good.

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