As the trend for pushing the boundaries of hair colour increase, so does the need for exceptional conditioning and repair products.

In our last blog we took you through the various colour techniques available in our salons, so now we can look at how to keep your fabulous colour in tip top condition.

Whether you just want to improve overall condition and shine of your hair, or repair the damage that can be caused by lightening services such as  highlights, bleach and tone and colour correction (yes, any hair lightening service will affect the hairs condition to some degree) their are lots of professional treatments out there.

At Sherbet Hair we are huge fans of the Matrix colour and aftercare range.

Not only do we use and recommend Matrix Miracle Morphers as an exceptional in salon and take home range, but those fabulous people at Matrix have just launched a revolutionary new repair product called BOND Ultim8.

Here are the important bits….


MIRACLE MORPHERS: (lasts in the hair for up to 12 shampoos)

Correct it: Targets brittle, porous hair providing an added boost of strength to fight against breakage.

Kick up:    Targets limp, fine hair types for added texture and body.

Slim down: Helps provide unruly hair with smoothness and control, leaving hair soft and manageable.



BOND ultim8 ….so here’s what it does:

Lightening products and daily hair habits can weaken bonds in the hair (these are the bits that keep your hair healthy and strong)

BOND ultim8 restores the bonds that are broken to help prevent breakage and  restore the hair fibres.

So to put it in simple terms, this product can seriously improve the condition of damaged hair!


Can be added to any hair colour in salon for exceptional conditioning.

Add to lightening services (bleach,highlights,balayage etc) to protect hair bonds and improve condition.

Use as an in salon restorative conditioning treatment.

….and here’s the best bit,

you can get a take home conditioner to keep those pesky bonds in order!


All these treatments can massively improve the quality of your hair and colour, but don’t forget…if you want your colour to stay fresh and bright it is essential you use a good quality professional shampoo and conditioner as recommended by your stylist.

Happy colouring !



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