Each year Pantone pick a colour of the year which you will then see in various industries such as fashion and interior design. This year the colour is greenery and we’re going to show you how to make this work for hair trends.


We have created a few swatches of the different kind of green hair colours you can achieve in the salon.


There are many different ways to make this work with your current colour. Here are a few different ways it can be worn. It can be as extreme or as subtle as you like.


One thing you should be aware of before going green is that it’s a colour that can easily stain the hair. Therefore this means the more you apply the colour the more likely it is to stay in your hair. If you want to remove the green it will mean a few trips to the salon or going darker.

If you’re nervous about going for something this daring, or you’re restricted to the type of colour you can go then don’t forget we can offer personalised colour clip in extensions that are ideal to wear just on the weekends!

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